The liberating design of a sovereign individual


red power purple it is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong thomas sowell yellow freedom of body white anarchism is purely voluntary seven things you need to know about anarchism 01 07 green freedom of mind orange corporatism noun 1 close collaboration between state and corporation for the benefit of the politically connected elite 2 an economic system in which success and failure is reliant on the state rather than the free market define your terms blue freedom of trade white anarchism cannot be created or sustained with aggression or subjugation seven things you need to know about anarchism 02 07 red freedom of association pink theres no government like no government resist statism blue vote for the politician you can trust nobody white anarchism leaves the individual free to govern themselves seven things you need to know about anarchism 03 07 red state noun 1 a territorial monopolist of compulsion and ultimate decision making 2 may engage
in continual institutionalised property rights violations and exploitation in the form of expropriation taxation and regulation of property 3 the group within society that claims for itself the exclusive right to rule everyone under a special set of laws that permit it to do to others what everyone else is rightly prohibited from doing namely aggressing against person and property 4 a gang of thieves writ large define your terms purple keep calm and forever libertarian resist statism light blue justice is the righting of wrongs injustice is the wronging of rights white anarchism relies upon the idea that if an individual is unable to care for themselves members of the community will offer to help that individual seven things you need to know about anarchism 04 07 red minarchism yellow capitalism noun 1 an economic system in which trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit rather than by the state 2 a voluntary market for the peaceful exchange of goods and services define your terms black the truth about anarchism a theory that regards the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal proposes that cooperative and voluntary association of individuals and groups be the primary mode of organised society anarchists are peaceful people who simply want to be left alone to govern themselves they are not rioters or violent people even though the media would have you think otherwise resist statism white anarchism can provide social services, the only contingency being that funding for
such programs is collected through voluntary means seven things you need to know about anarchism 05 07 blue nobody has the right not to be offended just because youre offended, doesnt mean youre in
the right ricky gervais yellow stay positive red you dont own me white anarchism has room under the breadth of the theory to satisfy any economic or cultural arrangement so long as everyone partaking in that society does so on a consensual basis seven things you need to know about anarchism 06 07 orange that which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence christopher hitchens green facts are injurious to the regressive mindset, where ones feelings matter more than the rights of others fight for truth yellow voluntaryism noun 1 the advocation for voluntary human association based on the non–aggression principle 2 radical stateless pluralism non–specifc to any particular socioeconomic arrangement define your terms white anarchism desires total freedom of the individual seven things you need to know about anarchism 07 07 pink religion red statism noun 1 the belief that the application of violence will result in a perfect society 2 the belief that the rights of the individual can be protected by violating rights 3 the religion of state worship and governmental deification define your terms light blue voting is the suggestion box of slaves choosing masters every few years doesn't make you free white anarchism accepts the fact that individuals have bodily autonomy seven more things you need to know about anarchism 01 07 green no victim no crime orange the fact that the market is not doing what we wish it would do is no reason to automatically assume that the government would do better thomas sowell purple insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results vote nobody white anarchism denounces aggressively coercive authority in the conduct of relations between individuals seven more things you need to know about anarchism 02 07 light blue utopia red political parties are primarily about power not principle vote nobody blue why do you need rights shit statists say white anarchism rejects the state as it is an inherently harmful institution with a monopoly on the use of force seven more things you need to know about anarchism 03 07 orange the state calls its own violence law but that of the individual crime max stirner red patriotism is a religion the egg from which wars are hatched guy de maupassant purple resist white anarchism does not demand conformity to society rather that society should conform to the individual seven more things you need to know about anarchism 04 07 green the further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those that speak it george orwell black be an enemy of the state resist statism blue statism white anarchism acknowledges that self defence is a natural right and extends to both the community and property seven more things you need to know about anarchism 05 07 green safer than the police black compulsory voting day evil lesser evil nobody do not vote for evil red most crimes with assault weapons are committed by government roderick t long white anarchism ensures tolerance of all peaceful voluntary exchanges whilst acknowledging that theft taxation and expropriation are inherently aggressive seven more things you need to know about anarchism 06 07 blue how long do politicians have to keep on promising heaven and delivering hell before people catch on and stop getting swept away by rhetoric thomas sowell yellow a man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years lysander spooner black who controls the past controls the future who controls the present controls the past george orwell white anarchism is not about chaos but rather the absence of the state and centralised political authority seven more things you need to know about anarchism 07 07 purple a fine is a tax for doing wrong a tax is a fine for doing well light blue its not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world its our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless l r knost red for every action there is an equal and opposite government program bob wells white we do not want to turn your government anarchist that makes as much sense as accusing you of wanting to dye your hair bald fifteen ways you are probably wrong about anarchists 01 15 light blue no spanking purple liberty rhetoric tyranny make a choice green marijuana does not kill people the state and a lack of a free market does that end prohibition white despite what you might have heard there are historical precedents and no we do not mean somalia fifteen ways you are probably wrong about anarchists 02 15 black if your best argument against anarchism is that it will lead to the creation of a new inherently immoral state it is safe to say you have lost the debate resist statism red big brother is watching you resist statism orange the continual manufacture of enemies is essential to the growth of the fascist state stefan molyneux white we do not expect utopia if you think that is what we want maybe it says more about your idea of the function of government than it does ours fifteen ways you are probably wrong about anarchists 03 15 black hydra red big brother is watching you resist statism light blue justice white some of us live with our parents, and maybe even have a room in the basement some of us are parents most of us are just adults with lives not too different from yours fifteen ways you are probably wrong about anarchists 04 15 purple a technological marvel so complex that no private company could ever conceive or create one because i hate roads tm pink free people do not ask for permission blue why do you need a weapon when you can call the police statist logic white arguing on the internet is not how we think we are getting anything done it is what we do to connect with each other to exercise our ideas before applying them out in the real world fifteen ways you are probably wrong about anarchists 05 15 green why do you need a first aid kit when you can call an ambulance statist logic black nihilism red why do you need a fire extinguisher when you can call the fire department statist logic white convincing you is not that important to us except in an abstract or personal sense you are probably not as important as you would like us to think you are fifteen ways you are probably wrong about anarchists 06 15 orange i do not support restrictions on the natural rights of sentient beings resist statism purple the free market punishes irresponsibility government rewards it harry browne light blue resist censorship white we are not seeking consensus nor to sway the masses the requirement that our lives be ruled by public opinion is one of the things we oppose fifteen ways you are probably wrong about anarchists 07 15 black resist statism purple in order to prevent stealing raping and murdering we need a central authority with a legally enforced monopoly on stealing raping and murdering statist logic green if nature is illegal freedom does not exist white we are not the ones breaking the windows at starbucks we like coffee too fifteen ways you are probably wrong about anarchists 08 15 red the subjugation of the individual to the state leads inevitably to the most hideous oppression andrew bernstein blue stop police brutality purple for the greater good is one of the most dangerous phrases in existence resist statism white we are not trying to mooch off the system we want to be free to produce for ourselves the useful things the system produces and do it better fifteen ways you are probably wrong about anarchists 09 15 black war is mass murder conscription is slavery taxation is robbery murray rothbard red the history of governments has been and always will be written in blood fire and tears m l tannehill green never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it albert einstein white we value and oppose many of the same things you do it is our means that are different when those values and oppositions come into conflict we do not make excuses we resolve it fifteen ways you are probably wrong about anarchists 10 15 purple it is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere voltaire yellow groups are grammatical fictions only individuals exist and each individual is different robert anton wilson blue each and every time someone says there ought to be a law they are saying that men with guns should enforce their will on innocent others michael barnett white we are not nihilists we are for a lot more than we are against it is just that the main thing we are against is so overwhelming that it blots out the view of everything else fifteen ways you are probably wrong about anarchists 11 15 green the content of your character is your choice day by day what you choose think and do is who you become heraclitus red be the person hydra would see as a threat resist statism pink all love matters white solving problems requires work and time we are not the ones with illusions of having our wishes fulfilled through documentation and edict fifteen ways you are probably wrong about anarchists 12 15 orange everything the state says is a lie and everything it has it has stolen friedrich nietzsche yellow most economic fallacies derive from the tendency to assume that there is a fixed pie that one party can gain only at the expense of another milton friedman black hydra is the government resist statism white we do not blame you for creating the system we are amused by how your prophesy that we cannot do anything about it is obviously self fulfilling fifteen ways you are probably wrong about anarchists 13 15 pink all love matters blue welfarism noun 1 the belief that the poor can be helped by giving them back a tiny chunk of what was originally stolen from them and keeping them in a state of dependency on the government 2 the bribery of the lower classes check your definition red just following orders is one of the most dangerous phrases in existence resist statism white we do not want a violent revolution we want billions of peaceful ones fifteen ways you are probably wrong about anarchists 14 15 black game of drones pink all love matters orange inflationism noun 1 the belief that all problems can be solved by simply printing more currency despite overwhelming evidence that the arbitrary creation of new currency creates problems in and of itself 2 the belief that money literally grows on trees check your definition white we are neither a monolith nor a collective we are not de ned by our label it is a recognition of the overlap between our individual preferences fifteen ways you are probably wrong about anarchists 15 15 green if you are not free to choose wrongly and irresponsibly you are not free at all jacob hornberger grey anarcho capitalism purple monetarism noun 1 the belief that government control of the money supply will not result in perverse incentives and unintended consequences 2 the belief held by a bunch of chicago school economists who think that they are free market proponents but really are quasi keynesians check your definition blue male orange there is nothing free about a market when the state can determine who will win and lose
in a truly free market only the consumer can make that choice resist corporatism grey anarcho communism red syndicalism noun 1 the belief that corporations are evil yet somehow corporate dominated government chartered and cartelised unions are the path towards a free and stateless society 2 the belief that a politicised economic system will not result in misallocated resources shortages and famine check your definition purple intersex blue because its the law is one of the most dangerous phrases in existence resist statism grey anarcho pacifism orange hobbesianism noun 1 the belief that a highly pessimistic view of human nature that entails war of all against all justices absolute control of society by the state despite the fact that the state is made up of human beings 2 the belief that the alleged problems of human nature are no longer applicable when a human holds political power check your definition red female green how can we teach children that violence will not solve their problems when parents use violence to solve their problems stop spanking grey anarcha feminism light blue journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed everything else is public relations george orwell pink liberty i love liberty yellow anybody who tries to change society without examining the family is trying to push a shadow without moving the statue stefan molyneux grey anarcho syndicalism orange racism noun 1 the strange belief that a particular roll of the genetic dice entitles and requires one to completely separate themselves from others with another particular roll of the genetic dice 2 the belief that overall genetic differences makes one genetic group superior in every way to another genetic group 3 the collectivism of bubble headed bigots check your definition pink freedom i love freedom blue nationalism teaches you to take pride in shit you havent done and hate people youve never met doug stanhope grey anarcho primitivism green environmentalism noun 1 the belief that the planet itself has intrinsic value and that human beings are inherently evil parasites on the face of the planet 2 the belief that the environment can only be preserved through the actions of a state despite being composed of inherently evil parasites 3 the modern religion of nature worship check your definition pink anarchy i love anarchy red government an institution of war theft murder rape and predation the absence of which it is said would lead to disorder butler shaffer grey agorism blue globalism noun 1 the strange belief that large scale conflict and war would end if only we put all political power in the hands of a singular oligarchical institution with control over everyone in the entire world 2 the strange belief in the inevitability of a benevolent world government check your definition pink science i love science purple statism is the utopian ideal that just the right amount of violence used by just the right people in just the right direction can perfect society keith hamburger grey anarcho socialism red marxism noun 1 the belief that some crazy rich German guy has predicted an inevitable egalitarian future and has mapped out the path towards the liberation of all poor and working people through the work of a benevolent dictatorship 2 the irrational belief in the superiority of communism over other economic arrangements 3 the distorted ideological lens through which the world is viewed by academia check your definition pink reason i love reason orange an atheist that believes in the state is just another theist stefan molyneux grey transhumanism red collectivism noun 1 the strange belief that groups have a mind of their own yet their component parts do not 2 the belief that groups have rights and privileges yet the individuals that make up the group do not check your definition pink peace i love peace yellow they who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety benjamin franklin grey buddhist anarchism green altruism noun 1 the strange belief that self destructive servitude for the sake of others is the greatest virtue 2 the belief that everyone should mutually be slaves to each other check your definition pink logic i love logic orange you were born free you got fucked out of half of it and wave a flag celebrating it doug stanhope grey christian anarchism red subjectivism noun 1 the belief that all truth claims can be reduced to mere personal opinion or preference yet somehow this view isnt a mere opinion in and of itself 2 the belief that opinions have the same level of validity and empirical status as facts check your definition pink justice i love justice purple if men are good you dont need government if men are evil or ambivalent you dont dare have one robert lefevre grey green anarchism blue nihilism noun 1 the belief that there is no such thing as truth yet somehow it is true that there is no such thing as truth 2 the root of the post modernist cancer in academia 3 the suicide of intellectual thought check your definition pink virtue i love virtue red meat is murder go vegetarian grey market anarchism green primitivism noun 1 the romanticisation of long gone tribal and hunter gatherer societies in which life was nasty brutish and short as peaceful and prosperous utopias 2 the strange belief that living in a cave or mud brick hut or as a hermit in the woods is preferable to modern industrial society check your definition pink equality i love equality light blue disobedience is the true foundation of liberty the obedient must be slaves henry david thoreau grey mutualism red statism noun 1 the belief that it is not only moral but necessary for a particular group of individuals to do that which is openly acknowledged as being immoral and not necessary for everyone else to do 2 moral hypocrisy at the institutional level check your definition purple peace yellow should the occasion ever arise remind me to not make a government and give it a piece of paper with instructions on how to restrain itself jeffrey tucker grey queer anarchism blue law is an opinion with a gun stefan molyneux red socialism is an alternative to capitalism as potassium cyanide is an alternative to water ludwig von mises green the question is not who is going to let me it is who is going to stop me resist conformity grey voluntaryism orange you cant say i dont do politics because silence is a political statement tariq ramadan white you are a human being as such you are a sovereign individual possessing free will the economy of you 01 10 green a person who is guided by principle will stand up to their allies and side with their opponents if truth and morality dictates it a person who is driven by bias will go to war against reality
in order to defend the identity of the herd principle v bias black war is peace freedom is slavery ignorance is strength george orwell yellow dont tread on me white you have unique abilities and ideas formed by your life experiences the economy of you 02 10 red rape cages are for your own good government prison shit statists say purple constitutionalism noun 1 the belief that a piece of paper drafted and signed by a tiny aristocracy of men is a legitimate perpetual contract that makes the government voluntary on the part of those within a society that did not sign the document and limits the powers of governmental agents for all of eternity 2 the belief that a piece of paper can prevent the tyranny of the majority check your definition yellow whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech benjamin franklin white by your skills ingenuity and labour you may manifest some of these concepts in the physical world through an act of creation the economy of you 03 10 orange murder is for your own good capital punishment shit statists say purple minarchism noun 1 the belief that all goods and services should be provided by the free market yet somehow the principle magically doesn’t apply to the defence and arbitration industry 2 the belief that there can be a government limited to the protection of rights without violating rights
in and of itself check your definition blue without government who would start the wars resist statism white the products of your ingenuity and labour are extensions of your being into the physical world they constitute your property the economy of you 04 10 green war is for your own good spreading democracy shit statists say red democracy noun 1 the belief that the government is controlled by the people simply because every few years they get to punch a hole in a piece of paper with the names of a few rich and powerful men on it 2 the unwavering belief in the good of the tyranny of the majority check your definition black 1984 george orwell white to separate property from an individual by force is therefore a violation of that person’s sovereignty the economy of you 05 10 blue democide is for your own good systematic depopulation shit statists say orange nationalism noun 1 the belief that imaginary lines on a map constitute real and meaningful property boundaries 2 the belief that territories have human traits or personalities of their own 3 the belief that immigration is the spawn of satan check your definition black galactic empire white individuals can engage in voluntary economic transactions with each other to obtain property on mutually agreeable terms the economy of you 06 10 purple mass spying is for your own good national security shit statists say green objectivism noun 1 the belief that the initiation of force is wrong yet somehow it is permissible to arbitrarily invade iran and venezuela because we have oil interests there 2 the belief that only romanticism is real art 3 the belief that you can eliminate taxation and still have a government check your definition black ingsoc white market activity is defined by consenting parties engaging in mutually beneficial relationships free from outside interference the economy of you 07 10 red kidnapping is for your own good police arrest shit statists say purple libertarianism noun 1 the belief that the state is inefficient and immoral yet for some strange reason the state is the only viable means by which liberty can be brought about 2 the belief that democracy is tyrannical yet must be used in order to take the advantage check your definition black i dont want to believe i want to know carl sagan white each participant willingly pursues their individual goals and desires through voluntary interaction with each other the economy of you 08 10 orange propaganda is for your own good government schooling shit statists say blue paleoconservatism noun 1 the belief that one is more conservative than those creepy neocons yet somehow support just about as powerful of a government as they do 2 the belief that conservatism was hijacked by leftists and communists and that the true conservatives are those who support protectionism and white nationalism check your definition red those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it lysander spooner white the resultant diversi cation and proliferation of goods and services is the creation of wealth the economy of you 09 10 green torture is for your own good enhanced interrogation shit statists say purple christianity noun 1 the belief that the path to salvation lies with devotion of ones life to a jewish zombie hippie who is his own father 2 one of three desert religions that originated with a pagan god of war check your definition pink transgender white wealth is the profusion of a diversity of goods, and the diffusion of them throughout society as a result of market activity the economy of you 10 10 blue theft is for your own good taxation shit statists say orange zionism noun 1 the belief that because the jewish people were nearly liquidated once the jews have an inherent right to liquidate others and forcibly remove them from their own territory 2 the belief that only the jewish people can inhabit the holy land and that all others are unworthy of co existence check your definition yellow aggression against rights is aggression no matter how many citizens agree to the oppression murray rothbard black new political compass cuckulist populist cuckservative conservative cuckeral liberal cuckertarian libertarian because its the current year tm purple debt slavery is for your own good central banking shit statists say red satanism noun 1 the belief in the writings of a former carnie con artist who haphazardly threw together the ideas of ayn rand and aleister crowley 2 incoherent ramblings on the enochian key and rhetoric to draw in rebellious teenagers check your definition grey its not government when we do it anarchyball yellow our entire monetary system is nothing but a form of legalised theft mike maloney black concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who create it milton friedman pink stay positive green religion noun 1 the belief in an all knowing and all powerful being that created the universe and itself yet refuses to supply evidence for such feats instead demanding worship while at the same time damning all those who refuse to eternal torture 2 the belief that fairy tales from centuries or millennia ago passed down through shaky oral tradition and written down by fallible men are actually absolutely true and codes to live ones life by check your definition black anarchism white cmyk yellow voluntaryism grey welcome to ancapistan where the free market reigns supreme free market so i get to take everything for free no what a fucking scam anarchyball black i hate the fuck government resist statism purple government will begin representing the people by ceasing to exist larken rose white you own your life to deny this is to imply that another person has a higher claim on your life than you do no other person or group owns your life, nor do you own the lives of others philosophy of liberty 01 16 blue self defence is a human right fight for justice black rgb yellow do whatever you want just do not hurt people white you exist in time to lose your life is to lose your future to lose your liberty is to lose your present to lose the product of your life and liberty is to lose the portion of your past that produced it philosophy of liberty 02 16 purple libertarians are diligently plotting to take over the world and leave you alone resist statism black team cap red team cuck white the product of your life and your liberty is your property property is the fruit of your labour the product of your time energy and talents philosophy of liberty 03 16 grey fascism is not to be debated it is to be smashed spoken like a true intellectually bankrupt troglodyte anarchyball green government does not grant rights rights are inherent and natural resist statism black rebellion white property is the property of others that is given to you by voluntary exchange and mutual consent two people who exchange property voluntarily are both better off or they would not do it philosophy of liberty 04 16 purple the only reason you think that government is the solution is because you think that freedom is the problem alan lovejoy grey i believe in leaving peaceful people alone but thats imposing your free market ideology on everyone anarchyball orange see the world white at times some people initiate the use of force or fraud to take from others without consent it is the same whether these actions are done by one person acting alone or by many acting against the few philosophy of liberty 05 16 red every socialist is a disguised dictator ludwig von mises grey good ideas dont require force good ideas dont require consent anarchyball blue justice does not flow from police guns fight for justice white you are justified in protecting your own life liberty and justly acquired property from the forceful aggression of others you may ask others to help defend you philosophy of liberty 06 16 yellow it constantly amazes me that defenders of the free market are expected to offer certainty and perfection while government has only to make promises and express good intentions lawrence w reed black people who cannot imagine order without imposition always end up favouring power over liberty jeffrey tucker red fuck authority obey yourself resist statism white you are not justi ed in initiating the use of force against the life liberty or property of others you may not designate another person to initiate force against others on your behalf philosophy of liberty 07 16 pink life is what you make it stay positive black down with big brother nineteen eighty four grey its easier to believe in santa than anarcho capitalism because santa promises you free stuff and anarcho capitalism doesnt white you can seek leaders for yourself but you cannot impose rulers on to others you cannot give them any power that you do not have yourself philosophy of liberty 08 16 light blue freedom of speech purple roses are red violets are blue taxation is theft inflation is too resist statism grey when you dont support freedom of speech but youre totally an anarchist anarchyball white since you own your life you are responsible for your life you do not rent your life from others who demand your obedience nor are you a slave to others who demand your sacrifice philosophy of liberty 09 16 green the smallest minority on earth is the individual those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities ayn rand black sol 00 red if we cannot trust people with freedom how can we trust them with power resist statism white you choose your own goals based on your own values success and failure are the necessary incentives to learn and to grow philosophy of liberty 10 16 light blue strawman fallacy misrepresenting someones argument in order to make it easier to attack avoid logical fallacies black mercury 01 yellow government can not do anything helpful for us that we can not as a community do for ourselves jeffrey tucker white Your actions on behalf of others or their actions on behalf of you are virtuous only when derived from voluntary mutual consent virtue can exist only where there is free choice philosophy of liberty 11 16 light blue slippery slope asserting that if a were to happen then z will consequently happen too therefore a should not happen avoid logical fallacies black venus 02 red the quick corrupt politician jumps over the lazy society resist statism white the philosophy of liberty is the basis of a truly free society it is not only the most practical and humanitarian foundation for human action it is also the most ethical philosophy of liberty 12 16 light blue special pleading moving the goal posts to create exceptions when a claim is shown to be false avoid logical fallacies black terra 03 orange it is the job of thinking people not to be on the side of the executioners albert camus white problems in the world that arise from the initiation of force by government have a solution the solution is for the people of the world to stop asking governments to initiate force on their behalf philosophy of liberty 13 16 light blue gamblers fallacy believing that runs occur to statistically independent phenomena such as roulette wheel spins avoid logical fallacies black luna 03 red supporting violent solutions is supporting government solutions taxation is force supporting government solutions is supporting violent solutions resist statism white having con dence in a free society is to focus on the process of discovery in a marketplace of values rather than to focus on a sole imposed vision or goal philosophy of liberty 14 16 light blue black or white where two alternative states are presented as the only possibilities when in fact more possibilities exist avoid logical fallacies blue mars 04 green it is not the strongest nor most intelligent species that survives but the one most adaptable to change charles darwin white using governmental force to impose a vision on others is unethical and typically results in unintended perverse consequences philosophy of liberty 15 16 light blue false cause fallacy presuming that a real or perceived relationship between things means that one is the cause of the other avoid logical fallacies black jupiter 05 red abuse of power comes as no surprise jenny holzer white achieving a free society requires courage to think talk and act especially when it is easier to do nothing philosophy of liberty 16 16 light blue ad hominem fallacy attacking your opponents character or personal traits in an attempt
to undermine their argument avoid logical fallacies black saturn 06 pink be a consistent voice for peace stay positive white to permit total mobilisation of your countrys economy you gladly surrender many freedoms
you know regimentation was forced by your countrys enemies the road to serfdom 01 18 light blue loaded question asking a question that has an assumption built into it so that it can not be answered without appearing guilty avoid logical fallacies black uranus 07 red shiny badges do not grant extra rights resist statism white arguments for a peace production board are heard before the war ends wartime planners who want to stay in power encourage the idea the road to serfdom 02 18 light blue bandwagon fallacy appealing to popularity or the fact that many people do something as an attempted form of validation avoid logical fallacies black neptune 08 purple the right to be let alone is indeed the beginning of all freedom william orville douglas white a rosy plan for farmers goes well in rural areas a plan for industrial workers is popular in cities and so on many new planners are elected to office the road to serfdom 03 18 light blue begging the question a circular argument in which the conclusion is included in the premise avoid logical fallacies orange cuck noun 1 an individual who claims to support monogamy but will observe their romantic partner engage in a sexual act with another for their own gratification 2 an individual who claims to be devoted to principles but will compromise those principles for their own personal gain define your terms green the greater the number of laws and enactments the more thieves and robbers there will be
lao tsu white with peace a new legislature meets but win the war unity is gone the planners nearly come to blows each has their own pet plan and will not budge the road to serfdom 04 18 light blue appeal to authority using the opinion or position of an authority figure or institution of authority in place of an actual argument avoid logical fallacies grey when your standard of living instantly doubles because you no longer have half your income stolen anarchyball red war is stupid white when the planners finally patch up a temporary plan months later citizens in turn disagree what the farmer likes the factory worker does not like the road to serfdom 05 18 light blue appeal to nature making the argument that because something is natural it is therefore valid justified inevitable good or ideal avoid logical fallacies purple the liberties of none are safe unless the liberties of all are protected william orville douglas yellow money white most national planners are well meaning idealists and balk at any use of force they hope for some miracle of public agreement as to their patchwork plan the road to serfdom 06 18 light blue composition division assuming that what is true about one part of something has to be applied to all or other parts of it avoid logical fallacies black dont like gay marriage well shit good thing you dont have to get one orange facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored aldous huxley white in an unsuccessful effort to educate people to uniform view planners establish a giant propaganda machine which the coming dictator will find handy the road to serfdom 07 18 light blue anecdotal evidence using personal experience or an isolated example instead of a valid argument especially to dismiss statistics avoid logical fallacies red it is in war that the state really comes into its own selling in power in number in pride in absolute dominion over the economy and society murray rothbard green for every thousand hacking at the branches of evil there is one who is striking at the root henry david thoreau white meanwhile growing national confusion leads to protest meetings the least educated thrilled and convinced by fiery oratory form a party the road to serfdom 08 18 light blue appeal to emotion manipulating an emotional response in place of a valid or compelling argument avoid logical fallacies purple the way to combat noxious ideas is with other ideas the way to combat falsehoods is with truth william orville douglas red freedom is something law cannot give you resist statism white the more the planners improvise the greater the disturbance to normal business everyone suffers people now feel that planners can not get things done the road to serfdom 09 18 light blue tu quoquo fallacy avoiding having to engage with criticism by turning it back on the accuser answering criticism with criticism avoid logical fallacies orange grammar the difference between knowing your shit and knowing youre shit get your shit together green stand for what is right even if you stand alone resist conformity white in desperation planners authorise the new party leader to hammer out a plan and force its obedience later they will dispense with him or so they think the road to serfdom 10 18 light blue burden of proof saying that the burden of proof lies not with the person making the claim but with someone else to disprove avoid logical fallacies red we kill people who kill people because killing people is wrong resist statism black anarchy the revolutionary idea that you are not state property resist statism white the party takes over the country by now confusion is so great that obedience to the new leader must be obtained at all costs maybe you join the party yourself to aid national unity the road to serfdom 11 18 light blue no true scotsman making what could be called an appeal to purity as a way to dismiss relevant criticisms or flaws of an argument avoid logical fallacies purple when the boot of the state is on your throat whether it is a left boot or a right is of no consequence resist statism yellow capitalism white a negative aim welds party unity each step of all dictators is to inflame the majority in common cause against some scapegoat minority the road to serfdom 12 18 light blue the texas sharpshooter cherry picking data clusters to suit an argument or finding a pattern to fit a presumption avoid logical fallacies black dont tread on me pink brainwashing white no one opposes the leader the new secret police are ruthless ability to force obedience always becomes the number one virtue in the planned state all freedom is gone the road to serfdom 13 18 light blue the fallacy fallacy presuming that because a claim has been poorly argued or a fallacy has been made that it is necessarily wrong avoid logical fallacies red taxation purple please do not feed the state resist statism white your profession is planned the wider job choice promised by now defunct planners turns out to be a tragic farce planners never have delivered never will be able to the road to serfdom 14 18 light blue personal incredulity saying that because one finds something difficult to understand that it is therefore not true avoid logical fallacies yellow end the fed black anarchy is order resist statism white your wages are planned divisions of the wage scale must be arbitrary and rigid running a centrally planned state is clumsy unfair and inefficient the road to serfdom 15 18 light blue ambiguity fallacy using double meanings or ambiguities of language to mislead or misrepresent the truth avoid logical fallacies orange a is a ayn rand grey when you wake up from a coma and are sent to the gulags for stealing work days from the community anarchyball white your thinking is planned in the dictatorship unintentionally created by the planners there is no room for difference of opinion posters radio press all tell you the same lies the road to serfdom 16 18 light blue genetic fallacy judging something good or bad on the basis of where it comes from or from whom it comes avoid logical fallacies red never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups resist statism purple leave me alone and i will leave you alive resist aggression white your recreation is planned it is no coincidence that sports and amusements have been carefully planned in all regimented nations once started planners can not stop the road to serfdom 17 18 light blue the middle ground saying that a compromise or middle point between two extremes is the truth avoid logical fallacies pink rape whistle black do not read the next sentence you little rebel i like you resist conformity white your discipline is planned if you are fired from your job it is apt to be by a firing squad what used to be an error has now become a crime against the state the road to serfdom 18 18 yellow better to have one and not need it than need one and not have it support self defence purple truth is treason in the empire of lies george orwell red in any compromise between food and poison it is only death that can win ayn rand black in an age of tyranny the courage of just one person standing for anarchy is priceless resist statism yellow freedom grey when you think altruism is the highest ideal but you selfishly live instead of donating all your organs anarchyball light blue if you abolish gun free zones you will prevent mass shootings fight for justice orange prejudices are what fools use for reason voltaire green the purpose of morality is to teach you not to suffer and die but to enjoy yourself and live ayn rand grey anyone else feel like theyre just renting their life from the state anarchyball pink to say i love you one must know first how to say the i ayn rand red you have committed the crime of preventing me from stealing from you tax evasion blue there can be no consent where it can not be withdrawn miguel duque orange true ignorance is not the absence of knowledge but the refusal to acquire it karl popper purple there are just two rules of governance in a free society mind your own business and keep your hands to yourself p j orourke red critical thinking grey fuck affirmative action no fuck you treating people the same way no matter their race is racist anarchyball black first order purple if your anti war activism is dependent on who is in office the problem is you angela keaton light blue all speech is free speech support free speech green yes books are dangerous they should be dangerous they contain ideas pete hautman black new political compass because its the current year tm yellow you dont need a treat to have free trade murray rothbard blue if there is not justice for the people let there be no peace for the government emiliano zapata grey the worlds not that bad its the government that sucks anarchyball purple the real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries but between authoritarians and libertarians george orwell pink ignorance green effect when used as a verb means to influence or change affect when used as a noun means the result of a consequence get your shit together red patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons bertrand russell black new political compass mind your own business keep your hands to yourself because its the current year tm blue consent green your the possessive form of you youre the contraction of you are get your shit together orange emocracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance h l mencken black an anarchist is someone who rejects the curious notion that crimes become virtues as they grow in size jakub wisniewski purple there aint no such thing as a free lunch robert heinlein green accept a verb meaning to agree or to receive something except a verb meaning aside from or other than get your shit together grey get business out of government get government out of business hold on whos going to enforce minimum wage and labour laws without government nobody its called anarchism youre thinking of socialism anarchyball white our government this phrase assumes that a collective exists that has ownership of the government, another collective. Collectives do not exist, only discrete objects exist in reality ownership entails exclusive control including destruction governments use force to prevent its owners from doing so
how to rebut statism yellow freedom is free green its the possessive form of it its the contraction of it is get your shit together red war does not determine who is right only who is left bertrand russell white we are the government this phrase confuses society with government which is as serious an error as confusing an entire human body with a malignant tumour growing inside of that body how to rebut statism purple an armed society is a polite society robert heinlein green illicit an adjective that means unlawful elicit a verb that means to draw out get your shit together light blue man is free at the moment he wishes to be voltaire white the social contract a valid contract must be agreed to voluntarily without coercion or fraud the social contract does not meet this standard because the state will initiate the use of force against anyone who does not agree nor is the state dissolved when it fails to uphold its contractual obligations how to rebut statism pink freedom of movement green less an adjective that means small in amount or degree and is used with objects of indivisible mass few an adjective that means small in number and is used with countable objects get your shit together red the state is a gang of thieves writ large murray rothbard white our leader in the case of the state it is not just any kind of leader but a ruler no one owns the ruler and the ruler falsely claims to own those who are ruled as the ruler claims a right to exclusive control over the ruled and has no logically defensible basis for doing so how to rebut statism black stay positive green discreet an adjective that means prudent circumspect or modest discrete an adjective that means separate or individually distinct get your shit together grey when you call other forms of anarchism hypocritical over the internet anarchyball white the leader of the free world the free world does not exist each individual person exists
this phrase speaks of rulers rather than all types of leaders free people do not have rulers they rule themselves how to rebut statism pink relativism is the sign of a weak mind and its reaction to cognitive dissonance ray murphy green forward an adjective or adverb that means toward the front and also a verb that means to send on foreward a noun that means an introductory note or preface get your shit together orange extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence carl sagan white you dont have to like our leaders but you should respect them respect should be a response to virtue ordering the use of initiatory force against people to control them is not virtuous behaviour therefore it is unworthy of respect how to rebut statism red the urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule h l mencken green their the possessive form of they theyre the contraction of they are there refers to place get your shit together purple libertarianism noun 1 the philosophy of liberty 2 advocation for maximising individual freedom and minimising the state 3 the acceptance of the validity of free will define your terms white you dont have to like the politician but you should respect the political office political office like any part of government is a violent criminal institution violent criminality is unworthy of respect how to rebut statism yellow keep calm and we will print more end the fed green hung the past tense and participle of hang when the meaning is to suspend from above with no support from below hanged the past tense and participle of hang when the meaning is to execute by suspending by the neck get your shit together black anarchism noun 1 the philosophy of statelessness 2 advocation for the maximisation of individual freedom and the abolition of the state 3 organisation of society on a voluntary cooperative basis without recourse to the initiation of force or compulsion define your terms white our military if the military is ours then we should be able to exercise exclusive control but we can neither command or dissolve it it is merely a tool of the ruling classes to prevent the overthrow of government and to deter other rulers elsewhere in the world who might seek to take over the state and capture the tax base for themselves how to rebut statism red government is a disease masquerading as its own cure robert lefevre green ie the abbreviation means that is or in other words from the latin id est eg the abbreviation means for example from the latin exempli gratia get your shit together purple hatred of the state is love of humanity resist statism white we need to make the world safe for democracy democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on who gets eaten this should not be made safe it should be made dangerous by providing sheep the means to resist the wolves how to rebut statism light blue no mans life liberty or property are safe while the legislature is in session mark twain black irony is a statist calling an anarchist a threat to society resist statism red authority has always attracted the lowest elements in the human race all through history mankind has been bullied by scum p j orourke white you dont have to like what the police military are doing but you should respect them respect should be a response to virtue ordering the use of initiatory force against people is not virtuous nor is carrying out said orders how to rebut statism yellow gratis light blue children do not choose to be born parents owe their children the chance to live as adults stop child abuse grey capitalists use roads such hypocrisy yes we are trying to get some value back from all the money the government steals from us anarchyball white the homeland our nation as only individuals are capable of action only individuals may rightly own property there is no such thing as public property there is only privately owned property and property which has been stolen or otherwise interfered with by agents of the state how to rebut statism red the end move in politics is always to pick up a gun buckminster fuller green when there is no choice there can be no virtue fight for freedom light blue hate speech is free speech support free speech white national defence security there is no such thing as national security apart from each individual persons security because there is no such thing as a nation apart from each individual person how to rebut statism yellow the income tax implies that government owns you jeffrey tucker blue underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself
milton friedman red when goods dont cross borders soldiers will frederic bastiat white its the law in a statist society the laws are a collection of opinions written down by sociopaths who have managed to either win popularity contests or murder their competitors and are enforced at gunpoint by thugs in costumes the implication of the phrase its the law is that this is both necessary and proper rather than inherently illogical and immoral how to rebut statism green if liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear george orwell grey when you create a noose to hang yourself but your tribe stones you for inventing anarchyball purple on a planet that increasingly resembles one huge maximum security prison the only intelligent choice is to plan a jail break robert anton wilson white voting is your voice in government this statement assumes that there is no voter fraud that votes are counted correctly that vote results cannot be altered by courts and that politicians will do what voters tell them to do each of these assumptions has an unful lled burden of proof at best and is demonstrably false on several occasions at worst how to rebut statism red government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else frederic bastiat orange anti corporatism grey capitalists dont understand ideals you only want stuff we live by the non aggression principle what is your ideal seize the means of production so we can have free stuff nevermind anarchyball white voting is a civic duty a legitimate duty can only come from a legitimate contract such a thing does not exist nor can there be a legitimate duty to perform an immoral act voting is immoral because it helps to impose violent rulers upon peaceful people and gives the appearance of legitimacy to institutions which deserve none how to rebut statism black capitalism is the fullest expression of anarchism and anarchism is the fullest expression of capitalism murray rothbard blue support jury nullification fight for justice red war i cant believe we still need to protest this shit resist statism white if you dont vote you have no right to complain people who do not vote are the only ones who can rightly complain those who vote either endorse the winning politician and their minions or endorse the system itself if their preferred candidate loses by creating the appearance of legitimacy how to rebut statism yellow in ation is a hidden tax on the poor end the fed grey the best route to a stateless society is through an all encompassing state anarchyball black armed gays dont get bashed white the public good the good of society society or the public does not exist each individual person exists as such there is no such thing as the public good or the good of society there is only what is good for each individual person how to rebut statism red taxation is not theft because you can leave at any time you can always leave tm green give me liberty or give me death patrick henry orange domestic violence is not abuse because you can leave at any time you can always leave tm white for the children those who wield state power subject children to forced indoctrination that leaves them with few marketable skills and restrict the ability of suitable guardians to serve as their parents, nor do they care about children as anything other than a means to shame and guilt people into handing over more liberty and property to the state how to rebut statism blue mafia protection fees are not extortion because you can leave at any time you can always leave tm red freedom has cost too much blood and agony to be relinquished at the cheap price of rhetoric thomas sowell purple bullying is not violence because you can leave at any time you can always leave tm white government is necessary this is a positive claim which carries a burden of proof by itself this is a claim asserted without logic or evidence and may therefore be dismissed without logic or evidence how to rebut statism orange freedom of choice grey there are so many people i just want to punch them in the face have you tried talking to them violence is not the answer fuck that violence is always the answer anarchyball red politics is the art of convincing decent people to forget that the lesser of two evils is still evil edward snowden white anarchy is chaos the word anarchy comes from greek meaning without rulers or more accurately without beginning to take the lead it does not mean an absence of order rules or structure
the state on the other hand is chaos plus organisation how to rebut statism purple the enemy is not the upper lower or under class the enemy is the political class resist statism grey go ahead and stop me oh wait youre a pacifist anarchyball black i am against any laws that protect me from myself resist statism white taxes are the price for a civilised society taxes are the price for failing to create a civilised society based on voluntary solutions, and the degree of taxation corresponds to the degree of failure how to rebut statism green happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of ones values
ayn rand grey lets punch nazis in the face what about their right to free speech that sounds like something a nazi would say anarchyball blue when government criminalises almost everything it also trivialises the very concept of criminality gene healy white paying taxes is a civic duty taxation is immoral because it violates the non aggression principle private property rights and freedom of association there can be no legitimate duty to comply with immorality how to rebut statism grey weve done it post scarcity has been achieved weve perfected replicator machines and those machines can make other replicators so they are free for everybody we need to assemble our comrades hold a meeting and figure out how this will oppress us so we can justify controlling everybody for anarchy anarchyball pink nothing will bring you greater peace than minding your own business stay positive orange everyone is a cuck an edgelord probably white we owe it to ourselves this would make one both a creditor and a debtor in the same transaction this is a contradiction therefore it is false how to rebut statism yellow i want a government so small its theorised about by particle physicists davi barke grey follow us to ancomistan where everything will be free yeah except the people anarchyball black anarchy does not mean chaos or disorder it means freedom from an oppressive centralised authority with a monopoly on force resist statism white were going to hold them accountable this is contrary to the nature of the state the state apparatus allows some people to do what is ordinarily forbidden for anyone else to do thus the objective is to avoid responsibility for the commission of crimes how to rebut statism red political power grows out of the barrel of a gun mao zedong grey money is the root of all evil but stealing is not its for a good cause the road to hell is paved with good intentions anarchyball green there is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him robert heinlein white who will build the roads if we free the slaves who will pick the cotton it does not matter what matters is that slavery is morally indefensible so it is with government and who will provide services in its absence how to rebut statism

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